Accessibility Policy

At State of Joy Limited and SOJ.SPACE, we aim to ensure that products and services offered on our website are accessible to everyone. Our goal is to prioritise usability and accessibility throughout the development and release of our digital media and infrastructure. 

If you are having difficulty viewing, navigating, or browsing content on our website; or notice any content, feature, or function that you believe is not fully accessible to people who are differently abled, please:

  • Write to us at
  • Please use “Accessibility Barriers” as the subject line so that we may address the issue as soon as possible. A description of the specific feature you feel is an accessibility barrier and/or a suggestion for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

State of Joy and SOJ.SPACE are committed to creating an accessible and user-friendly experience. Feedback is invaluable to us and will be used to improve our efforts to accommodate the full scope of abilities.

As we continue to enhance our usability and accessibility, we’ll provide the necessary updates as they become available.